Today's blog isn't about makeup. It's about the Prep.

People often ask me during Makeup sessions what the best regimen is. I spent years working with Dermalogica at Ulta and I more often then not refer them to Dermalogica for basic skin care. Until now. Hydrafacial has stolen my heart and it is my #1 recommended service to anyone and everyone. It is also my #1 treatment at Soul Medical Spa. 

What is it? A skin treatment that is done in a series of three steps. 

What are the steps? Cleanse, Peel, Serum.

How long does it take? About 30 minutes from start to finish

I start the service by cleansing/ Exfoliating your skin with the machine. This removes all the dead skin on the surface and preps your skin to receive the peel. The word PEEL is daunting for most people as we have ALL heard horror stories about chemical peels. The Hydrafacial peel is very different. There are three different peels from weak to strong and I will choose the best option for your skin. You may experience some peeling in areas of congestion, but overall you shouldn't experience much peeling/dryness. The peel is meant to break up congestion deep in your pores and loosen it up. Once the peel sets for the appropriate amount of time, I begin the suction. YES. SUCTION. 

This machine literally vacuums out your pores. After the peel your new, healthy, skin is revealed. This makes it the perfect time to customize your serum. Due to the high level of exfoliation the serum absorbs deeper and is more effective. The Hydrafacial leaves your skin gorgeous, glowing and soft. Personally, I like to pair my treatments with Dermaplaning (another service I will blog about in the coming days). It is very important that you wear SPF for the next week after your Hydrafacial because your skin is very photosensitive. The best result is after 4 Hydrafacials, which is once a month for four months. After that, maintenance is about every 1-3 months with proper home care. 

The video below is a look inside the a Hydrafacial Service with Sara.


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I started my own makeup business at age 19. Though I had been doing makeup for years, I knew very little about Airbrush Makeup. Being from a small town, I looked at it as something to aspire to. When I first decided to learn airbrush makeup, was not long after I started my first business "Brushwork by Sara." A local cosmetology school was offering a class in DINAIR Airbrush Makeup, and I immediately jumped on it. Did I do my research? Sure. Did I know what to research? NO. Little did I know that the DINAIR airbrush was a water-based formula - something I would scoff at now, but didn't know any better at the time. Anyway, I basically got a crash coarse in airbrush makeup. Like, Literally. 4 hours and one model. That was the extent of my Airbrush education before handing me an airbrush and turning me loose to the world. MY HEAD WAS SPINNING. I did not feel confident in any shape or form after leaving this class. 

Fast forward to 6 months later, I decided I wanted to quit college to pursue my passion for Medical Esthetics and start with my Esthetics License at Douglas J Aveda in East Lansing, MI. I had done maybe 3 airbrush applications and was trying my best to avoid it all together because I was NOT good at airbrush. 

A Friend I was going to school with suggested I try TEMPTU. I never gave much thought to the idea that my airbrush was the problem - how could I? What did I REALLY know about airbrushing? I did the research this time. I started educating myself on what kinds of airbrush makeup is best and why. I looked at feedback from other artists as well as clients. I looked at DINAIR, KETT, TEMPTU, (and a couple off brands from Amazon) and I studied the difference in their formulas. TEMPTU stood out from the beginning because of its silicone base. I learned during my research that silicone is better than water-based airbrush because your skin won't absorb it. This makes for better coverage of pores, long lasting wear, and a crease-less coverage. 

Fast forward another few months, and I found myself at a big black booth at The Makeup Show in Chicago that said "TEMPTU." 

The young lady working the booth told me to hop up in her chair so she could give me and demo if the newest formula. Within seconds of being in her chair I knew this would be my next machine. The formula felt so light and flawless and the minute I saw the results I swipes my card and brought home my new TEMPTU. The background photo to this blog post was my first Temptu purchase and was taken at my Hotel in Chicago shortly after buying it. 

NO- This was not the happy ending...

I STILL didn't know anything about applying airbrush makeup! It had been almost a year since I had last applied airbrush and I wasn't even sure that I had been doing it right. So it sat in my closet. YES, my closet. for almost two years actually. I would practice here and there, and try and try again. It wasn't until leaving Ulta, my employer for almost two years, that I decided to pick it up and for some reason, once I picked it up I couldn't put it down! After successfully doing a few trials with amazing feedback I decided to start charging for the service. I quickly realized this was NOTHING like my Dinair and needed to promote this! Soon after bride after bride began referring me. Today as I write my first blog post, I can say that TEMPTU saved my business and many, many weddings. I know that Temptu's formula is the best out there. It truly is Lumenis, Light-weight and long lasting.